About us

LEF was founded in 1959 in Florence, when the national “economic miracle” saw the rapid development of technologies in various sectors of industrial production. The arrival of the new millennium and the growing requests from an ever more demanding market have developed companies in the industrial panorama able to always guarantee the best service to the final client.

The company has always been dedicated to the electromecanical transformers production, stabilizers for the industrial sector, specializing in the supply of custom products for the Railway and Electromedical sectors, and multipurpose electric panels.
An important goal was reached with the achievement first of the UNI 9001 company certification, and then the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 – recognitions that greatly increase the prestige of the company. In addition, in 2004 the company was granted the right to affix the ENEC quality logo to the TS and TI series transformers, a certification recognized by 22 European countries.

LEF has consolidated and broadened its credibility over the course of the past years, positioning itself among the main suppliers to public and private bodies thanks to a qualified internal technical-sales staff constantly occupied in the research and study of “ever-current” new products.

We have collaborated for years with the most important resellers of electrical materials in the nation, and we have adapted our market to these with specific items and selected prices based on the needs of this segment of the market.

Since 2012, LEF has launched a new challenge, presenting the new line and completing its already wide range of projects for the lighting sector.